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Are you looking for things to sell right now to make money? Regardless of your situation, if you’re looking to come up with the rent money this month, raise some cash for an upcoming big expense or just have some extra money on hand, you will find something (likely, multiple things) on this list that you can sell right now to make money.

Ready for it?

45+ Things to Sell Right Now to Make Money

This roundup is gonna be divided into various categories to help you navigate around a bit. Just head to the category of interest and take a look at those items that you can sell within that category. East.

Home and Household

These are things around the house you can sell. This is super simple. Walk around your house, room by room and make a pile in each room of stuff you can sell. Then, sell it!

1. Kids clothes

Your kiddos outgrown clothes are great for selling. Sell in these places:

2. Kids shoes

Same goes for your kids shoes. Those outgrown shoes can be sold in the above places.

If you’re like me, your child is outgrowing their clothes and shoes all throughout the year. I actually have to go clothes shopping 4X during the year, yikes. This is a great way to recycle those preworn, preloved clothes and use that money to replace with more clothes or other stuff for your family.

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3. Toys

4. Small appliances, unused

5. Small appliances, used

6. Lawn equipment

7. Tools

8. Furniture

9. Cleaning supplies

10. Electronics


This is about opening an e-commerce or online store. With your own online store, you can sell products and/or services and make money online. You can even make money in your sleep.

I’ve actually run multiple e-commerce stores and my most popular store, in it’s peak reached $30K per month! I use Shopify to run my store and they have super affordable plans starting at under $30/month. The last store I opened made near $1,000 in the first 10 days.

Here are some items you can sell in your e-commerce store:

11. Apparel

12. Vintage anything

13. Flea market or thrift store items

14. Services like bookkeeping and accounting

15. Creative services like graphic design, logo creation and business card design

16. Web services like web development, programming, or web design

17. Home decor items

18. Baby/kids items

The key with an e-commerce store is sourcing. Sourcing means finding where you are going to find your products for resale.

You can find sources in these places:

You can also visit Market Week’s which are held throughout the year, where you can visit suppliers and wholesalers in person, inspect the products, and place orders to buy in bulk.

Online Services

The service industry is big. And, so many services can be done online. That means you can work from home, create your dream schedule, make an unlimited amount of income, vacation when you want, and enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle.

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I won’t tell you every single service job you can do, but I will share some places online where you can sell them. For a list of service-related jobs you can do, join Upwork, which is #19 on the list and look at their categories, which will give you some ideas.

19. Upwork

20. Fiverr

21. Guru

22. Remote

23. Freelancer

In-Person Services

In-person services are services you do in a face-to-face environment. You don’t necessarily have to work closely with customers, so if you’re an introvert, these gigs can still be for you.

24. Mow lawns

25. Tutor kids

26. Babysitting

27. Dog walking

28. Housecleaning

Online Gigs

These are easy online gigs that you can start doing today for extra money. I’ve made as much as $600/month in extra income with these opportunities. #29 is my favorite in this category.

29. LifePoints

30. Vindale Research($1 Registration BONUS)

31. Pinecone Research

32. Swagbucks ($10 Registration BONUS)

33. Opinion Outpost

These are get paid for your opinion sites. So you’ll be taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more to make money. Each offer tells you how much you can earn so, it’ll be something like take this 10 minute survey for $4, for example.

Pick and choose the offers you want and take these on your time, whenever you’d like 24/7.

Driver Jobs

This last category is driver jobs where you drive people or drive food/stuff. This is super easy and a great gig if you’ve got your own car. Pick your own hours, on-demand pay, casual dress, work from your car, and heck, my best friends cousin takes people with her when she does her food deliveries. Take a look.

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34. DoorDash

35. UberEATS

36. GrubHub

37. Favor Delivery

38. Uber

39. Lyft

40. Postmates

41. Instacart

This is grocery delivery which is pretty cool. When Instacart came to my area a few years back, I took advantage and did this for a few weeks. It was awesome and a great time saver. They actually have driver and non-driver positions. The non-driver positions involve basically getting paid to grocery shop in the store. So, you will prepare orders for the delivery runners and that’s your job. Pretty cool.


These bonus ones are fun additions I think you’ll like. Take a look!

42. Neighbor

These guys pay you for your storage space.

Got an apartment with an empty room? Get paid to store furniture or clothes in that room.

Or, got an empty garage in your home? Rent it out. Neighbor hosts make up to $15,000 per year in income from renting out their spare space. Check out Neighbor to learn more.

43. Selling crafts on Etsy

44. Create a digital course on Teachable or Udemy (I made over $550 this month from passive course sales)

45. Flip products from Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

46. Flip websites (learn how to do this on the side for $2,500 extra per month)

47. Flip domains

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Let us know what you think of these things to sell right now, down below in comments!

45+ Things to Sell Right now for Extra Money

45+ Things to Sell Right now for Extra Money