Hey there, welcome to Master Her Money, a community to help you make money online and live financially free.

I’m Jennifer and I am not another blogging guru trying to sell you the latest online product. Around 6 years ago, I finally did it. I quit my full time job for the life of entrepreneurship. I didn’t start out blogging. I ran a successful online store for several years, before selling it for a profit, and then, I moved onto blogging, which I’ve been doing ever since.

I used to live paycheck to paycheck.

My boyfriend (now husband) used to donate plasma to help us live a more fruitful life and pay the bills. I’ve been there and done that.

Today, I use the strategies I have learned on making money, saving money and starting a business to educate others, so you can do so much better than me, and run enjoy fruitful, amazing lives!

Along the way in my journey, I found legitimate opportunities and I found scams (yes, even the cash envelope stuffing ones..yikes).

My top reason for starting this blog is to help you!

I share my experience with companies, jobs, websites, and apps, so you know what to expect before you spend your time trying out a new opportunity.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to visit my little corner of the internet. Don’t forget to bookmark and you can find me on Pinterest! Enjoy!